Back in Black

by Paul Pratt on June 6, 2012

Hey Mom,
I’m currently hard at work writing again! I’ve come back to writing full time, I believe for good this time. I will now have more time to post entries on this blog, but more importantly: I will be screenwriting.
I’ve gone back to my roots and started from the beginning. I’m going back to my first screenplay, Awaken, and doing a third (fourth?) draft with a new story, almost from scratch. I’m hoping to have the majority of the work done by July 1st or somewhere thereabouts and it will be available here, on my site, for you to read. I will keep you updated.
To hold you over until then, I’ve posted two television scripts: Able Squad – Pilot, Part 1 and Housebands – Pilot! In my portfolio you will now find a reformatted layout with all the current and upcoming scripts I plan to post over the summer. You can also still find my short film The Last Day.

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