The Series Takes Shape

by Paul Pratt on June 9, 2013

Hey Mom,

This past week I spent time getting things around the house in order and brainstorming my story before committing to scripting. I’m trying to hammer out the dramatic “arcs” of the characters first before I move any further. I really want this story to be something more than what it appears to be on the surface, something subtle at first, but when you are knee deep into the series you are on a different  emotional journey with the characters than you expected to be.

This weekend I talked to my wife about the story. I was seeking her blessing for the series due to the extremely personal nature of the material. The story will be some what biographical, mostly pulling basic experiences from our years of marriage (12 this year) and pushing the drama to the max for the sake of entertainment (names will be changed to protect the innocent). Sometimes our faults will be laid bare and I wanted to make sure that the broad strokes were covered and OK with her before I began.

She approved with little concern and left it in my capable hands. I’m sure she’ll go over every episode with a fine tooth comb. ha.

The season arcs are done. I’ve made broad plans for five seasons:

  • The first being an introduction to our characters and descent into the problems they will face
  • The second introduces a complexity that makes the problems worse for our characters, and the dynamic begins to shift slightly.
  • Third, takes the characters to the darkest point, the problems apex, breaking everything that came before
  • Fourth, the problem is recognized, the characters reel from the trauma, and attempt to move forward, sometimes stumbling
  • Five, the problem begins to be solved and our characters are put back on the right path

Obviously this is really general. I have more details but I don’t want to spoil absolutely everything. I just want to give a general sense of the arc I’m working towards for the series. As a writer I’m salivating to get into the meat of season two and three, but i want to make sure season one, and in particular this pilot, gets the same amount of attention.

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