Further Evolution

by Paul Pratt on July 30, 2013

Hey Mom,

For the life of me i wish life would hand me a break. I don’t live poorly by any means, but i got white people problems up to my neck. Slowly but surely, however, I’m getting a grip on them.

I also wish I could find a comfortable office chair.

So, last time on the blog I was discussing the details of a new series I’ve been brainstorming. I’ve been doing my best to outline the details of the creative process. These are my latest ramblings on the subject.

In my writing I’ve discovered the season one stuff is kind of a stretch. By that I mean season one isn’t that exciting. It could be, but I think it runs the risk of not being great. Things like that can kill a show quickly, especially in the infancy of season one.

When writing out the summaries I became extremely anxious to write season two and three because they had the most conflict. I was salivating for the opportunity. Conflict is the core of drama, so you want to be right there in it all the time. But, that desire made writing season one really, really tough. Even getting the pilot of the ground has been slow going. Honestly, it was driving me to loose interest because it wasn’t season two and three.

That’s a critical problem.


With that in mind I decided to radically reduce season one and merge it straight into season two. Originally, the first season would introduce us to our characters and they would embark on their plan of failure. Watching them fail would be the main dramatic arc, but I couldn’t reel in the family life correctly to adhere to my master plan. I didn’t want the main character’s wife to be reduced to a nagging bitch all the time. The audience wouldn’t see her as sympathetic. 50% of the show is about the family, so I need people to care about that part too, moreso as the show goes on.

What I’ve tried to do is eliminate a redundant season. Both season one and two were doing the same thing in my notes, but the dynamic had changed in season two in order to add more pressure on the home front, which takes us directly into season three. Now all of that will be running concurrently to hopefully deliver us an A, B, and an occasional C plot that will bring the season to a dramatic climax.

I think I may keep the reduced amount of seasons that has come s a result. If I decide to shoot this on my own, the fewer the episodes the better. I may end up doing four, six episode seasons to keep the series concise, and allow me to reduce the commitment of filming what will ultimately be a youtube channel series.

I guess this leaves me in a position to begin breaking the details of the pilot.

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